Wild Seeds


Wild Seeds

Opening March 37-10 p.m.

@ Happy Lucky No. 1, 734 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Presented in collaboration with Temporary Agency

“You [humans] have a mismatched pair of genetic characteristics. Either alone would have been useful, would have aided the survival of your species. But the two together are lethal. It was only a matter of time before they destroyed you.”
Jdahya made a rustling noise that could have been a sigh, but that did not seem to comer from his mouth or throat.

“You are intelligent,” he said. “That’s the newer of the two characteristics, and the one you might have put to work to save yourselves. You are potentially one of the most intelligent species we’ve found, though your focus is different from ours. Still, you had a good start in the life sciences, and even in genetics.”

“What’s the second characteristic?”

“You are hierarchical. That’s the older and more entrenched characteristic. We saw it in your closest animal relatives and in your most distant ones. It’s a terrestrial characteristic. When human intelligence served it instead of guiding it, when human intelligence did not even acknowledge it as problem, but took pride in it or did not notice it at all…” The rattling sounded again. ”That was like ignoring cancer.” 

 Octavia E. Butler, Dawn

What science fiction writer Octavia E. Butler grants us through her writings is a dynamic world of human flaws and potentials. Through her work, we can draw inspiration, confront corruption and repression, and immerse ourselves in the knowledge that we can create through our imagination new paradigms of community and civilization.

Wild Seeds will include artists whose work critically engages such topics as difference, the environment, corporatocracy, gentrification, immigration, debt slavery and what the future may hold if, in Butler’s words, we humans ‘don’t stop misbehaving’.  These artists examine human conditions as filtered through the lens of Butler’s oeuvre, using her writing as a diving board into a pool of possibilities for imagining futures in the wake of present socio-political and cultural conditions of oppression and enslavement within the age of the anthropocene.

During the month-long exhibition, the gallery will become a library and community think-tank, hosting book-making workshops, readings, screenings and performances. In addition to Butler’s novels, other books, both gathered, collected and made, will be available to the public for viewing.

Participating Artists

Annie Berman, Marissa Bluestone, Jon Bonfiglio, Clara Darrason, Constance De Jong, D’achi Cole, Andrew Erdos, Angel Favorite, Shawn Fraser, Christina Freeman, Gage of the Boone, Rebecca Goyette, Deana Lee, Riitta Ikonen, Kevin Kelly, Devin Kenny, Lee Von Kraus, Jasmine Murrell, Alex Petrowsky, Shellyne Rodriguez, Salpy Semerdjian, Sienna Shields, Elizabeth Tubergen, Cein Watson, Candice Williams, Marisa Williamson, Ariel Zakarison

Thursday, March 3rd -– Opening Reception

The opening will coincide with the inauguration of Libreoteca, a month-long library that is made up from of the continuous contribution of books donated by artists.

Sunday, March 6th – The Clipperton Project, a multi-media performance lecture 4-6pm

Sunday, March 13th – Performances and readings by Constance Dejong and Shawn Fraser 4-6pm

Saturday, March 19th – Bookmaking Workshop with Christina Freeman and Cein Watson 4-7pm

Sunday, March 27th – Book share & screenings by Annie Berman, Rebecca Goyette, Kevin Kelly, Clara Darrason and Andrew Erdos 4-7pm

This show was formed in collaboration with Temporary Agency, a cooperative initiated and operated by artists Natalee Cayton, Kiran Chandra, Dominika Ksel and Amanda Turner Pohan. Temporary Agency brings exhibitions, screenings, lectures, performances and ideas outside of general institutional ideologies and capitalist frameworks to a public platform, collaborating with artists and community members to nurture a sustainable space of education, information and creativity.


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