Mimesis: Part I

Mimesis: Part I

Thursday, April 6, 7-9 pm

Temporary Agency at TWOFORTY

240 Broadway Apt. 406

Brooklyn, NY

Buzz #406 for entry


Temporary Agency presents an evening of readings joined by artist Patrick Costello to help facilitate the conversation. This is Part I of a three part series on Mimesis for the Spring of 2017. Attached in this invitation is a PDF essay by Anna Gibbs which we will use to prompt the evening. We welcome any additional related reading materials for you to bring and share. This is the amuse bouche, the prologue, the warm up to our event series, planting the seeds for an extended conversation around notions of mimesis.



Part I: readings

“By ‘mimetic communication’ or mimesis, I mean…corporeally based forms of imitation, both voluntary and involuntary…. At their most primitive, these involve the visceral level of affect contagion, the ‘synchrony of facial expressions, vocalizations, postures, and movements with those of another person,’ producing a tendency for those involved ‘to converge emotionally’”.  
  – Anna Gibbs, Sympathy, Synchrony, and Mimetic Communication


Mimesis is a public and non verbal language that is absorbed directly by the unconscious body, opening up the possibility of expanding one’s empathy. Mimetic communication – based on a non-binary, non-hierarchical approach to sensorial input – has the potential to expand consciousness while simultaneously developing an interaction between individual and the world via a dialogic process that changes both subject and world. While some of the readings use mimesis the way Luce Irigaray identified the term, as a form of resistance to undermine stereotypes, in other cases, both the ‘mimic’ and the ‘model’ benefit, perhaps forming a new understanding of their kinship.


Part II : Pairings hosted by Rotem Linial

May 4, 7-10 p.m. at TWOFORTY


Part III: Performance Series (artists TBA)

May 25th, 7-10 p.m. at 100 Rochester


x Temporary Agency


Patrick Costello is a visual artist and performer whose work incorporates printmaking, installation, gardening, and theater. He has spent the last few years collaborating with friends and artists on projects all over the country. Patrick has apprenticed with the Bread and Puppet Theater in Vermont, the Virginia Arts of the Book Center in Virginia, and the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Pennsylvania. He received an Aunspaugh Fellowship from the University of Virginia, where he graduated with a degree in Studio Art. Patrick also co-founded C’ville Foodscapes, a worker-owned small business that designs, installs, and maintains vegetable gardens for folks in Charlottesville, Virginia. His visual art has been shown internationally, including at Space 1026 in Philadelphia, Trance Pop Gallery in Kyoto, and Booklyn Art Gallery in Brooklyn. Patrick is currently in the MFA program at Hunter College in New York.


TWOFORTY is a multi use space for exhibitions, performance, screenings, roundtable discussions, and an occasional home to Temporary Agency.


Photo: Mimesi (mimesis), Giulio Paolini, 1975


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